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Change your workflow

You spend millions perfecting your CRM, but imagine if you could measure and automate the most important part of your process…

…where the rubber hits
the road: the customer

Why leave that to chance?
Why automate customer
relevant presentations?
How LivePreso data integration
automates relevance

Limited relevance

Traditional and newer platforms deliver presentation content that is still static, generic, and instantly out of date.
Or, customer data has to be manually sourced and used to labouriously update each presentation.

Data-driven for customer relevance

Integration with CRM, ERP and any other internal or external data sources: Ensures every presentation is automatically customer-specific and personalised.
Why control presentation
content in the cloud?
How LivePreso cloud-based
content ensures control

Limited control, consistency,
and compliance

Traditional approaches ensure business stories are interpreted by individuals. Content is too often pulled together from different divisions, systems and eras and presented in an unprofessional mix of formats.

Cloud-based control,
consistency and compliance

One cloud-based source of content, controlled by the business and synced with company data-sources: Ensures every presentation is consistent, accurate, up-to-date and compliant—without any of the legwork.
Why track and monitor
presentation content?
How LivePreso analytics
deliver actionable insights

Limited visibility

Other platforms do not use meaningful analytics to inform behaviour and content effectiveness. Businesses are missing the opportunity to inform training and new content.

Unparalleled business visibility

Comprehensive user and customer behaviour and content tracking: Delivers meaningful analytics to drive best practice, guided selling and to deliver actionable insights for the ongoing development of successful content.
Lost productivity

Lost productivity

Between 40% and 80% lost productivity in repeated preparation tasks;
finding, editing, and creating new content.

Up to 70% wasted marketing collateral. Sellers/advisers use only 30%,
creating the remainder of their presentations from scratch or from a
local file to achieve customer relevance, one customer at a time.

Undermined sales process

Undermined sales process

Key cross-sell and up-sell opportunities aligned with stages of the sales process are
too often missed.

Multiple face-to-face meetings are needed to develop a strong understanding of requirements
and establish value. This takes significant time—time where the opportunity is at risk.

Poor customer experiences

Poor customer experiences

Content is made by the sellers or advisers in a hurry, so it invariably looks poor and uncompelling.

Traditional presentation formats are static; the opportunity to introduce rich media,
tools and interaction into the customer presentation is missed.

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